Ecommerce Web Design

Using Pune Get Online's Marketplace system you can create an online marketplace for your business where multiple vendors can come and signup to sell their products online. Vendors get their own dashboards to upload / manage product inventories and to fulfill orders they recieve from the Marketplace.

  • Unique-Vendor & Multi-Vendor
  • Unique-Users
  • Send an email when Staff remove item
  • Membership Plan System
  • Login to download FREE or PAID products
  • Better download Security based on purchases
  • User Profile
  • Related products
  • Login/Registration system
  • Easy Share on cocial Media
  • Embed buttons
  • Live preview link
  • Thumbnail / Preview ../images
  • Live statistics
  • Fully customizable
  • Search items supported
  • PayPal IPN powered
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • Free / Paid products
  • Featured / Not featured products
  • List of each purchase for each user
  • Change password / Edit profile
  • Multi-currencies support
  • Custom URL for each product